Gift Certificate: 2019 Sunset Trail Ride (Kids)

Gift Certificate: 2019 Sunset Trail Ride (Kids)


Gift Certificate for one or more Sunset Trail Ride(s) at the Flying W Ranch in 2019 for kids.

Once your order is completed, Gwen will email you the certificates.

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Trail Ride Description

Horseback Riding on the Flying W Ranch is a unique experience. Unlike traditional nose to tail trail rides, our horseback Riding is done on the backs of retired ranch horses through the wide open Tallgrass Prairie of the Kansas Flint Hills Landscape. For 2 hours, you will have the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding as it was meant to be.

The tack and saddles are genuine working ranch cowboy gear and the Flying W owns all of the horses that we use on the ranch. Our horses are seasoned veterans that have been used extensively on the ranch for cattle work. Many of our horses are born and spend their entire lives here.