We invite you to come experience the
Tallgrass Prairie and our Cowboy Culture
here in the heart of the Flint Hills.
Gwen, Josh and Josie Hoy


Venture beyond the trail and experience Kansas trail rides and horseback riding as it was intended


The beauty and freedom that comes with horseback riding is even more exhilarating in the tallgrass prairie of Kansas. The rolling and rugged hills of bluestem grass give riders the very best in horseback riding vacations. The ranch’s numerous saddle horses are well tested and trained with a variety of personalities that range from gentle for the beginner to more lively for the experienced riders. Pleasure rides on the ranch are so much more than typical horse trail rides - no head-to-tail riding here.  With varied landscape through breathtaking hills and valleys, tree lined creeks and grass covered vistas, and the opportunity to actually participate in cattle drives, this is horseback riding as it was meant to be.

As a working cattle ranch, horseback riding is an essential part of every day life at the Flying W Ranch. So, if you are interested, you may participate in cattle drives with our herd of longhorns, or other cowboy adventures with the heifers, their calves, and the steers.  For the riders looking for a more tame experience, we provide guided tours of the Flint Hills that are appropriate for all levels of riders.

Organized Horseback Riding Opportunities

Flying W owns all of the horses that we use on the ranch. Our horses are seasoned veterans that have been used extensively on the ranch for cattle work. Many of our horses are born and spend their entire lives here.  

We have a number of organized rides that are sure to match your desire and experience level:

  • For the adventurous rider, join us for a Moonlight Ride to see the moon and stars from horseback.
  • If you are looking to experience an actual cattle drive, take a look at our Cattle Drive page to pick a drive that works for you, and
  • If a more leisurely ride full of information about the Flint Hills and the tallgrass prairie is more your speed, pick one of our Trail Rides.

We can create customized rides and experiences for groups of 4 or more.  And, even if you don't have a group, give us a call.  We will do our best to accommodate your desires.  We want everyone to have an opportunity to experience the life we get to enjoy every day.

Riding Rates

Horseback Riding:

Enjoy the sites and learn about the tallgrass prairie from horseback. See our Trail Ride page for organized sunset ride dates. All other trail rides are by appointment only.

2 Hour Guided Ride
(includes horse, tac and guide)
$120/pp + applicable tax

Cattle Drives:

Enjoy the experience of driving a herd of longhorn cattle across the open prairie. See our Cattle Drive page for dates and details. (Note: Cattle Drives include accommodations.)

3-4 Hour Guided Ride
$325/adult + applicable tax
(includes evening campfire, over-night accommodation, breakfast, horse, tac, guides, and lunch)  $280/youth (5-17) + applicable tax

Horse Drawn Wagon Ride:

If riding horses isn't your thing or you have a larger group, you might want to consider a horse drawn wagon ride.

Price $225 + $5/person + applicable tax


All reservations require a $100 non-refundable deposit for no-shows.


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